Peach Preserve Guemes Island Washington

Peach Preserve

© Chris LeBoutillier

The Peach Preserve on Guemes Island is a peaceful place to hike and enjoy the beauty of Guemes Island. The preserve gives you an opportunity to walk close to a half-acre of nicely groomed trails. It also has over two thousand feet of shoreline that runs on the south side of the island. From the beach, you can see the San Juan ferry coming and going out of the Anacortes ferry terminal.

Land Protected: 64 acres
Shoreline: 2,100 feet
Hiking Trails: .4 mile
Elevation Gain: 30 feet
Difficulty: Easy

The Peach Preserve has a very diverse area containing forest, wetlands, and grasslands. There are great trails that wind throughout the forested area with many second-growth trees. The grasslands trail follows along the side of the wetlands area that is very easy and flat. The beach has all sorts of different things to observe and quite often you will see seals just offshore. The beach area is best at a low tide for hunting for Agates if you enjoy doing that.

The wetland and grasslands serve as one of the best spots on Guemes Island for birdwatching. This area is well protected and is an excellent place for many species like warblers, snipe, rails, red-winged blackbird hummingbirds and cedar waxwing. In the forest area, you can enjoy eagles, falcons, owls, flickers, and pileated woodpeckers. The shoreline also has a great variety of wildlife to be seen like great blue herons, pigeon guillemots, black oystercatchers, pelagic cormorant, common loon, harlequin ducks and, Killdeer. Bring your binoculars or camera and spend an eventful day birding.

There are several different ways to get to Peach Preserve once you have crossed over to Guemes via the Guemes Island Ferry.

Walk the Beach
Walking on the beach from where you disembark from the Guemes Island Ferry is a short third of a mile. When you step off the ferry, then head west along the shoreline to the preserve.

Walk the Road or Drive
From the point of the ferry landing to the preserve is about a half mile. When you exit the Ferry take a left and head west on South Shore Rd. South Shore Rd will turn into Tidewater Rd at the stop sign make a left on South Shore Dr. Follow South Shore Dr until you see the Peach Preserve trail marker. The parking area is at the trail marker location, and the space for parking is not very big.

San Juan Preservation Trust

Pets must be leashed at all times
Harvesting of plants, animals, driftwood, firewood, and other natural objects is prohibited except by special permission
Do not feed or approach wildlife
Hike on established footpaths and respect surrounding private property
No camping allowed
Pack out all garbage including food and pet waste
No firearms or hunting allowed
No bicycles allowed

Hiding of Guemes Island Painted Rocks

In general, we are ok with it, under these conditions:

1) Rocks can only be hidden at the Peach Preserve (all other SJPT holdings there are conservation easements on private land, or are fee-owned properties inaccessible to public).
2) Rocks must be hidden along the trail– not off trail.

Kathleen Foley
Stewardship Manager, San Juan Preservation Trust