Guemes Island Chip Sealing 2018

Guemes Island Chip Sealing

District 1 Guemes Island

District 1 consists of the area west of (including) LaConner Whitney, north of Highway 20 (to Old 99 N), west of (including) Old 99 North, and north of (not including) Prairie Road. District One also includes Guemes Island. The Districts ensures the quality of the road surface, shoulders and right of way. This would include resurfacing the road, patching potholes, mowing and brush cutting along the right of way, maintaining the shoulders, grading and adding crushed rock to gravel roads, and cleaning out culverts and ditches.



District 1 Roads to be Chip-Sealed in 2018




District 1 Roads to be Chip-Sealed in 2018

  • Channel View Drive
  • Edens Road
  • Guemes Island Road
  • Paradise Lane
  • Salmon Run Road
  • Section Avenue
  • Tidewater Road
  • Totem Trail
  • West Shore Drive
  • West Shore Road

The crews start by pulling the sod off the shoulders. This exposes the edge of the roadway, reestablishes the original width and provides better drainage. Ditches are also cleaned at this time if necessary. After the sod removal has been completed the roads are swept, trees trimmed and the brush cut if needed. When the weather has moderated, normally in May and June, those roads on the chip sealing list are AC leveled if necessary. This consists of spreading asphalt over areas with surface irregularities or settlements and depressions. After the patch is finished the shoulder will be brought up to grade and a temporary center line stripe will be put on if needed.

Early July, the resurfacing takes place. This consists of covering the roadway surface with liquid asphalt and then spreading one layer of rock chips onto the asphalt. Those chips are then rolled into the surface. After the process is completed, the road has a new surface that is approximately ½ inch thick. This new surface will require several days to cure. During this time the roadway looks similar to a gravel road and it is critical that traffic speed is kept down. After the roads are cured, they will be swept of any loose gravel and re-striped.

This operation is done one lane at a time and traffic is still allowed to use the roadway. Flaggers and pilot cars are present for the protection of both the job site and the motoring public.

Source; Skagit County Website


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