Guemes Channel Marine Traffic

Guemes Channel Marine Traffic


Guemes Channel marine traffic at times can get very hectic with pleasure boats and tankers. The Guemes channel is a little over a half mile in distance from the Anacortes side to the Guemes Island landing. To give you an idea of how hectic it can get, there is a guest boat capacity of 150 – 200 boats per night in just Cap Sante marina. There are many very large marinas in the Anacortes area with 100 or more boats. There are many different types of vessels to view while you are waiting for the ferry. The Schooner Adventuress is very beautiful with all sails out and traveling in the Guemes channel.  Check out the location of the Adventuress and see if you can get a glimpse of this beauty.

Guemes Channel Marine TrafficThe Schooner Adventuress

Image By: Guemes Island Photography


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